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Lexi belle, audrey leigh and kade

tn02 29940 Lexi belle, audrey leigh and kade

Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh and Kade

kade’s reward for satisfying Audrey Leigh is chained to the wall. Miss Audrey has 2 slaves to play with including a cute lassie. kade is punished swiftly and harshly, and he’s humiliated for his limp prick bound tight. Audrey has kade in bondage and fucks his ass with her strap-on while ordering lexi to smother him. Later kade is trampled under Miss Audrey’s feet while lexi is ordered to give him head. It’s not over for kade as he’s forced to swallow his cum and is slapped around a little more by Audrey.

Audrey has pretty long toes and does she do private foot fetish sessions?

– meb

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