Femdom cock and ball torture
Femdom CBT!

Vin deacon, penny flame

tn02 90151 Vin deacon, penny flame

Vin Deacon, Penny Flame

Penny Play lures her handyman down into her dungeon. It takes her no time to get vin deacon to agree to try some kinky S&M play. When he’s tight up he begins to doubt the sanity of his choice. Indeed he is quickly stripped, subjected to some mean flogging, and subjected to verbal revilement. Penny drills home the rules vin needs to follow in order to please her. She uses and abuses his body for her amusement, switching from his face to his bound prick and balls. Having taken her satisfaction, it’s her turn to go to work on her bitchboy. vin is fucked in the ass with a mean strap-on prick, now he can go back to being a handyman.

I liked this shoot – Penny has the most devious, in control, evil look. I am sure it scares the heck out of the subs. The lighting in this scene was miraculous – look at the still photos – they capture some of the best ascendancy pics I have seen. Impressive. Penny was briliantly evil and has breasts to die for. Vin was good – his erection helped energize the scene. It is good to see some simple settings mixed in with the more elaborate. This scene worked for me. I thought it was steamy. Nicely done.

– Serina

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